Zombies Catch Plants

Zombies Catch Plants

By Mega Sport

0 stars
  • Reviews: 0
  • Release Date: Jan. 27, 2015
  • Language: English


Zombies Catch Plants is an adventure platformer game with unusual feature – you don't see the platforms and obstacles.
Perhaps you have a question now – how you can beat the jumper arcade game without seeing anything? We have the answer. YOU HAVE TO KILL ZOMBIES.
Move the zombie right ahead either before it smashes its brains all over the place or finds the safe way. Cruel? Violent? WELL, NOPE. They're already dead, remember? Mystically walking corpses without souls, so no mercy. Let the tsunami of blood flow and let you see the platforms – but think fast, you have limited lives. Your memory should be really boosted – keeping in mind the maze map is hard.
Zombies Catch Plants – help the zombie get the sunflower!

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