Hell of a Ride

Hell of a Ride

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1.5 stars
  • Reviews: 2
  • Release Date: Dec. 03, 2014
  • Language: English


Pack your motorcycle, kick start the engine and you are set to hit the road. Get ready for the most unusual bike run of your life. Are you up for a Hell of a Ride?

Deliver all sorts of crazy and bizarre packages along the roads and try to reach your destination just in time and with as little loss as possible. Transport boxes, crates, animals, babies... You know, the regular stuff!

Working with cargo delivery has never been your dream job, but in times of crisis you simply couldn't say no to the offer. And of course a regular van would be much more suitable for the task, but a free spirit like yours could never live with that.

Simple tap the sides of the screen to control your bike and try to keep your balance to save your precious load and guarantee a (somewhat) successful delivery. Clear each mission to advance in game and play new and more challenging levels full of surprises!

Obstacles of every kind simply pop up in your way and it is a must to avoid them or your packages will end up anywhere but their final destination. Simply swipe your finger up to get rid of obstacles.

• Two characters to play with: the Wild Biker and the Punk Girl
• Crazy cargos: crates, boxes, cats, dogs, babies and more!
• Sassy obstacles: sheeps in a herd, old and slow lady, speed bumps and lines of spikes

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