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  • Release Date: Jan. 24, 2015
  • Language: English


What do you do when endless waves of highly dangerous blocks come hurling at you?! You match them! Swap is a simple but fun game that requires you to rearrange your blocks to match other sets of blocks coming at you. If you can't, you'll explode and your mission will be terminated. How long can you survive?

Click the block you want to move and flick in the direction you want to move it in. You can only swap the Top and Middle block and the Bottom and Middle block. You have to swap the blocks on the right such that they match the incoming set of blocks from the left.

--Power Ups--
Power ups are attached to incoming blocks. If you successfully match with a block that contains a power up, that power up will go into effect. There are three power ups:
Slow Down - This power up will slow down incoming blocks
2x Points - This power up will double the points for each incoming block you match
Shield - This power up destroys any blocks that collide with it

Have a question about the game or want to tell us how much you love the game?! Contact us at www.MeteorApps.com! We love hearing from you.

Game by Meteor Apps
Music by Lonewolf

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